INSC has made Disaster Recovery a focus in order to provide advice and solutions to our clients. Our work recently has been centered on the following needs:

Lowering the Cost
The traditional means of a Tape based recovery is becoming less feasible in the era of larger data. INSC has worked with customers to not only design a cost effective strategy and implement remote disk based replication/backup strategy but also show how to do it with existing equipment and lower the current cost of backup.

Improve Service Levels
SEC oversight, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and FASB requirements are driving companies to reexamine their DR strategies. We have worked with companies to wade through the myriad of solutions out in the industry and help chose the “right” one for them. In many cases the Return on Investment is measured in millions of dollars saved over some of the more expensive solutions.

Our Disaster Recovery Solutions Include:

DR Consulting
If you are investigating how to improve DR Strategy, or you are just moving down the path of formalizing DR, INSC will work with you to fully understand the technical requirements affecting your Disaster Recovery strategy.

Remote Backup
Enhance your backup solution by having the data copied securely to a remote site thus eliminating the need to change tapes. INSC offers a secure, robust remote backup solution that ensures your data is offsite when the backup is complete.

Remote Recovery
INSC has worked with customers to enhance the remote backup solutions and provide remote recovery. As long as you have access to the internet, we can setup a secure VPN to your recovered data.