While computer technology has become advanced, providing more value to your overhead in terms of utilizing every square foot of space in your data center, the issue of energy consumption and heat generated from powerful servers can limit your ability to add much-needed equipment.

The demand for more computing power and electricity, better cooling solutions, and facilities that can grow with an organization is creating a crisis in data centers around the world. Simply adding more servers and turning up the air conditioning is not feasible. Instead, numerous organizations are planning to cope with this crisis by building new facilities or making significant changes to their existing sites. They are aiming to optimize their data centers, not only to accommodate more hardware, but also to meet business objectives that include:

  • Reducing costs
  • Responding to increasing demand for data center capacity that helps increase productivity
  • Enabling continuous technology change to implement new business process
  • Improving resiliency and security to help protect data and address corporate and governmental mandates

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